Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU)
7000 BTU Cooling
Fixed Mount for Vehicles & Trailers

In a hostile environment, you don't want to hearThe system is overheated.” Lives may be at stake, and you need your equipment to function! Fortunately, we have the solution : ETI’s new TECU (Tactical Environmental Control Unit) , a portable rugged air conditioning system will keep your vital electronics cool, hot, or humidity-free enough to function! Keep your systems cool and operational with ETI's TECU.


Tactical ECU provides hours of cooling.
fixed mount TECU

5,000 BTU Maximum cooling capacity
1, 1.5, or 2 KW heating capacities available
• Available for mounting on vehicles, enclosures or trailers
• Multiple Applications:

1) Keeps sensitive servers or electronics cool to prevent failure.
2) Heat components that need to be kept within a narrow temperature range
3) Control or
reduce humidity where necessary
4) Condition air in rooms or vehicles

• Useful in many Facilities:

• Ground Support Facilities
• Communication Sites
• Medical Tents and Trailers
• Computer/Server Rooms
• Emergency Cooling
• Lab Cooling
• Warehouses
• Military Shelters
• Radar Sites
• Eating Facilities

• Conditioning for mobile sites: trailers, buses, trucks or other vehicles.
• Can be used as a primary cooling system, or in addition to other cooling devices.
• Multiple TECUs can be operated in tandem to cool large areas or to meet other specific temperature requirements.
Quiet operation for noise sensitive operation.
Manual Drain pan built in. 
Developed and Produced according to MIL - Standards.

Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacities
5000 BTU
1 KW
5000 BTU
1.5 KW
5000 BTU
2 KW


• Can be mounted with casters for ease of portability
• Remote operation thermostat control
• Condensate removal system
• Available in portable cases which can be quickly deployed or transported anywhere.
• Available in Black, Desert Tan, or other custom colors
• Air filter
• Microprocessor controller digital display
• Heating element
• EMI/RFI protection

Fixed or trailer mounted TECU Bottom angle of fixed mount TECU

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